The Anchor that Holds in Spite of the C- Word

It’s the word you most do NOT want to hear your physician say.  Tell me I’m old; tell me I’m fat, but DO NOT say the C- word….  Just the thought of it can send most of us into panic mode…

But it happens to way too many people.  Statistics are that 1 out of 3 people will have cancer during their lifetime. And it’s safe to say that every one of them is shaken to their core when they first hear that dreaded word.

On the day a doctor first tells you that you may have cancer, you begin a journey that is uniquely difficult.  On this journey you will probably encounter physical and emotional challenges unlike any others you have ever faced.  With every decision about treatment, every frustration brought on by fatigue and nausea, and every question of how and why this sort of thing could happen to you, you find yourself needing an anchor, something to hold you steady in the midst of your crisis.

What is your anchor?  It is your friends?  Your family?  Your own inner strength?  I hope you have all three of these because you are going to need them all… But ultimately even those will not be sufficient for the battle you are in if you have cancer.  You need the One who made you, who knows you best, who loves you more than you can imagine…

Reach out to the Creator God,  who formed the stars and called them each by name, who formed your innermost being and gave Himself on the cross to bring you into His family.  He is the One who can sustain you through this battle.  He is the One who will be your anchor when cancer rocks your world.  He alone is the unshakable Rock on which you can stand.

So grab onto this God of love and mercy, let Him be your anchor, and stand strong!


  1. Will Turkington · August 7, 2014

    Great thoughts…. Thanks.

  2. · August 7, 2014

    This means that we must battle discouragement by taking hold by faith of God’s promise to save all who take refuge in Christ. God’s promise and His oath are two strong motivating forces to encourage us to grab onto the hope set before us and don’t let go. Then that hope becomes an anchor for our souls.